Breeding Outstanding German show lines to produce impeccable temperament, intelligence, trainability, and beauty.       

Our AKC registered german shepherd pups are highly trainable and we expect them to be able to be trained to perform in many areas of expertise such as working as a service and/or therapy dog, search and rescue, security dog for home and/or personal protection,  as well as could be a fantastic addition to someone's breeding program or a stunning guardian and excellent family companion.

Updated  3/28/21 We have confirmation of pregnancy for the Duchess/Rocco litter now! 

See our Covid-19 information below.  

Check out the photos posted on this site as well as on facebook.  Contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 812-499-5257 for more information.  We also do offer stud service to approved females.    ** If you have any questions about our breeding program please don't hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or phone.  I would be happy to discuss why certain breeding combinations were done and what we expect of these puppies.  

OUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it please make note of this and contact us at this address.   

Here are guidelines I have received from AKC regarding visitors during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

I have been planning doing the items listed below in addition to us wearing a mask as well as requiring visitors to wear a mask or other face covering during their visit.  These are things that people should expect to happen when visiting a breeder's home or facility during this pandemic.  Be sure and ask prior to visiting if you have any questions regarding our policy as well as other breeder's policies should you visit another facility.  We do not have puppies currently available but hope to have some in the upcoming months.

 Guidelines for Breeders to
Reduce the Spread of
Coronavirus (received from AKC)

• Explain that their family’s health and safety is just as important to you as the health and well-being of
your own family, dogs and puppies.
• Tell what they should expect upon their arrival and why you are doing the things you will be doing. Tell
them your bio-security steps and stick to them.
• Ask if they or family members has cold, flu or allergy symptoms or recently had or overcame COVID-19?
• Ask if they or family members had close contact with anyone who recently traveled by air; went out of
the country; was in highly infected areas; or works in the medical field?
• Ask that young, older and compromised persons not come to the appointment. Limit the number of
people coming for a visit to two or ask that no more than two people exit their vehicle during the visit.
• Make appointments to see a puppy. Limit the number of puppies presented to a customer and provide
contactless driveway service.
• Make certain everyone washes their hands often with warm water and soap. Keep social distances (at
least 6 feet).
Reduce personal contact and prevent disease spread:
 Keep the time spent with customers to a minimum.
 Think and talk about all “touch points” prior to their arrival.
 Clean and disinfect all surfaces before and after each visit.
 Consider doing all transactions curbside or at the driveway. Do not restrict yourself to small
confined spaces.
 Do not hand the puppy to the new owner. This will put you too close. Set the puppy on the
ground or floor and then step away. Have
the puppy in a designated area before the
customer arrives.
 Disinfect all places that may have been
 Designate an area for customers to view the
puppies and limit contact with the puppies.
Make sure all surfaces are cleaned and dis- infected before and after the customers ar- rival and departure.
 When possible, do paperwork remotely. If
not possible, designate a table outside and
give them a pen, which they may keep upon
• If the customer does not take the puppy, immediately bathe the puppy with warm water and shampoo/
soap or wipe with disinfectant wipes made for dogs.

Examples are Mal-A-Ket Wipes by Dermapet and PetMD Chlorhexidine Wipes. 

(End of AKC's guidelines.) 


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 We would like to thank Sandy Keeton for all the wonderful photos she has taken of our dogs.  Please check out her website and see some of her  beautiful work on her link store has to offer!  Also take the time to let Sandy know just how beautiful her work really is!   Check out the link above as well as her new store where she has some very nice products at .  There are items such as greeting cards, key chains, mouse pads, and many other items.  

 Many people have asked what we feed and we are happy to share the information as well as a coupon!   We feed TLC Whole Life Pet Food.  The dogs are doing fantastic on this food and we highly recommend it!




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