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(Here is another letter written from the dog's perspective with the help of their owners.) 
Hi Grandma,
                It’s me, Kingston "Jäger"! I wanted to write to you, but my paws are too big for the keys, so I’m telling mom what to type. This thing they call “Christmas” is in two days, I don’t really know what that means, but dad keeps telling me if I’m bad I won’t get anything for it, so I have been really good (except for when I get mom and dad’s clothes out of the close hamper and chew on them). My dad is a goofy guy, he keeps coming up to me with treats (OH how I love treats!) and telling me to “SPEAK” really loud, then the other dog that lives here barks? I have no clue what he is talking about, but I wish I did so I could have those treats!!! They have two cats here, grandma! They don’t like me much, but I LOVE them. They let me chase them every now and then. But, If I catch them mom gets mad at me. I guess she just doesn’t understand. Mom takes me to pet stores all the time. Sometimes I bark at people because they get to close to her. She’s my human, not theirs. Then mom will tell me it’s ok and then the people pet me and tell me how handsome I am. People tell me that a lot. Mom has taught me a lot of things. She tells me to shake, and then again with the other paw. And guess what else? I know how to “Sit Handsome” now. I sit up on my back legs with my front legs up and I get a treat, these humans are silly, don’t they know that’s too easy?! Lately, mom has been brushing me a lot, like every single day. I used to not like it much, but now she tells me how handsome and good I am the whole time, so I let her and hold my head high.
                I really like it here grandma. I have so many toys to play with, and my sister, Remi, is really fun too. There is a huge back yard in the back and I love to run and play ball with mom and dad. I love my humans a lot. Mom always tells people all the time about you and how glad she is that she met you, and she tells me that soon she will take me to visit you! I’ve gotten big grandma! I finally grew into my ears!! J I will write again soon. Me and mom are going to go to the pet store because she is off work today. (I bet I can get her to buy me a toy!!!)